Review: The Apartment, Bruntsfield

The boyfriend and I decided to have a late dinner at The Apartment yesterday evening; it’s one if our ‘regular’ eateries about town, and being close to home made it the obvious choice.

The Apartment was where I ate my first meal in Edinburgh, with a good friend and the lovely lady who is now his wife. This was before I’d moved here, and it was a special treat to go for a night out in the city. He’d suggested we try this place as it was one of his favourites, and it didn’t disappoint.

Yesterday was no different; we turned up at 9:30 and were greeted like old friends by the lovely waitress. At that time of night, some some restaurants are finishing up their last orders, but we didn’t feel rushed at all.

We ordered one of their signature ‘chunky healthy lines’; skewers of salmon, king prawn and scallop marinated in a sweet chilli dressing. This came with a generous portion of salmon, tender and complemented by the sweet dressing. There were whole caramelised roasted chillies and shallots. Even my boyfriend, who usually steers away from fish, couldn’t resist.

We had the same main course of sautéed duck livers on sourdough toast with roasted pears. Now I’m a sucker for a roasted pear (The Apartment’s gnocchi with roasted pear, pumpkin and rocket is one of my favourites, as is Ghillie Dhu’s lamb chops with roasted pear and new potatoes), so this special was an obvious choice.

The livers were fabulous, crisp on the outside, sweat and tender inside. The caramelised pear and crisp toasted sourdough finished the dish perfectly. We had to restrain ourselves from licking our plates clean!

We’d ordered some sides to accompany our meal, but due to a delay in the kitchen (and there was a very large party of tourists in at the same time), they arrived a little later. The waitress was super-nice about it though and took them off the bill, though they did arrive and we polished them off as well.

The Apartment is definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Edinburgh, with consistently fabulous food and great service. It’s chilled out and unpretentious, and feels like you’re at a very, very good dinner party.

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