Home decor: my dream colours

I’ve been thinking about paint colours a lot recently.  Half the flat is almost ready for decorating and I am very excited!

I am in love with the Earthborn Paints range of environmentally friendly, breathable interior colours.  I painted my kitchen ceiling ‘Just White’ last year, a lovely soft, creamy colour.  I plan to paint the kitchen walls in ‘Lemony’ once my new kitchen has been built, as I have lovely burnt orange roller blinds with a dark cork trim.

I am thinking of  ‘Eiderdown’ for my living room/dining room, as my new Sofa Workshop Dali 4-seater will be arriving in the next couple weeks in an amazing shade of grape.  The look I’m going for is Laid Back Parisian, with loads of comfy seating and inviting colours.


For my drawing room, a more dramatic colour might be in order.  I found these colours by Zoffany,  ‘Violet Dusk’ and ‘Grape’ .  I like the effect together, warm and cosy.  I always thought I’d stick with theme of blue and green for my drawing room, but the more I look at the grapes, aubergines and violets, the more I start to fall for them.  I’ve always been partial to a purple room, and the nonconformist in me has noticed almost every drawing room on my street is painted a shade of blue!

Years ago I had an antique Victorian high-backed sofa reupholstered in blue striped velvet.  The material suited the shape of the sofa, which is very traditional.  I do regret having the seat cushions changed from feather to high-density foam, but at the time I was young and naive, and the upholsterer said these would require less maintenance.  The original material was a sickly pink striped velvet, whih I was glad to be rid of!  I’m not too sure what could be done to tie it in wth the rest. It stubbornly refuses to coordinate with the scheme I have in mind, and is far too expensive to reupholster again!

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