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Shanghai eating

Shanghai has been wonderful, with family I’ve not seen in over a decade together for Christmas (including my grandma who is over a century young) and so much good food I’m fit to burst!

The highlights were many, too many to mention here. Lunch and dim sum with my cousin at Jardin de Jade and their fabulous soup dumplings and guo tie (pork dumplings); dinner at modern Chinese restaurant the Chinoise Story with my dad’s youngest sister and her family with foie gras enrobed in preserved haw and delicate miniature mango puddings; Christmas lunch at our hotel the PuLi…

Finally we tried a restaurant called Yé Shanghai which has branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Kowloon. I have to say I much prefer authentic shanghainese food to some other regional cuisines as though there us a tendency for meals to be hearty rather than light, there doesn’t seem to be much of the overpowering, sweet sauces so characteristic of some Chinese cooking.

Nutty, slightly sweet crisp rice cake cones were filled with savoury chinese vegetables. Freshwater crab and tofu was lovely and clean-tasting, the crab full of flavour and an easy way to enjoy this delicacy. The flavour of the crab really stands out, and this is so far the best version of this dish I have tried.

The stir fried river fish was delicately flavoured with a pleasing texture, served presented with the head and tail on the plate and slender strands of fish in between topped with a pickled cabbage garnish. This was a totally new dish for me, but I was with locals who recommended it and it was delicious.

Soup dumplings were tasty though they didn’t hold their filling as well as some I’ve tried, and my dad ended up with a spoon full of dumpling with no soup.

The dish I had been waiting for is a typical shanghainese speciality, usually called either new years cake or spring cake. It’s a glutinous rice cake served stirfried with various vegetables and meat, and something my mother makes exceptionally well. I have to say though my mum’s version is still superior, Yé Shanghai did a pretty decent version of my favourite dish. I was impressed they didn’t drown it in sauce like Chinese Chinese restaurants have a bad habit of doing.

Chinoise story
Jin Jiang Hotel Shanghai
59 Maoming Nan Lu

Jardin de Jade (Su Zhe Hui)
No. 388 Zhaojiabang Road

Yé Shanghai
338 Huang Pi
Nan Lu, Xintiandi

(Hong Kong)
Level 3
Pacific place shopping centre

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Hotel PuLi, Shanghai

Possibly the most beautiful hotel I have ever set foot in, a modern take on traditional Chinese decor with stunning attention to detail.

As my dad quite simply put it, it’s Chinese style hospitality with western standards.

Hotel PuLi Shanghai
1 ChangDe Road
JingAn District
Shanghai 200040
T: +86 21 3203 9999












My house, a little more Christmassy


My naughty tree angels

Feathered fun

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Redecorating: Mrs Claus style

I love decorating the house for the holidays, though I’m still waiting for my tree (my friend works on a Christmas tree farm – and I’ve got an ‘in’ with some elves)…

Happy holidays! Xx


Twinkle twinkle

My new ‘little friends’

Where the magic begins…

The key to my heart

These little guys are keeping an eye on my cd collection!


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New shopping trolley

Look what arrived for me today – my brand spanking new shopping trolley!  I may be a granny at heart, but these things are great…this is the first time I’ve ordered from the site before  but the service was pretty good, and it arrived in about 2 days (I thought I would be without trolley at this Saturday’s Farmers Market).

This is the Rolser Mountain Original Tour model with swivelling front wheels in purple…ooh, the actual material is a sort of two-toned matte that is so pretty, and it has an actual reinforced board inside to keep its shape…something my old trolley was sadly lacking.  Comfy handle, super-spacious, and a convenient pocket for your shopping list.  I am seriously impressed with it so far, but of course we shall have to wait for a test run on Saturday to take it for a spin!

Wow, this pretty purple thing looks so much better than my last one, which was ok but really didn’t meet my needs for sturdiness.  My new trolley is a 4-wheeler, with the inside wheels multi-directional, so I can’t wait to take corners with this baby!

Don’t get me wrong, my old trolley was funky, but I never felt right about the use of PVC, and the wheels kept loosening off.  NOT a good look when you have a trolley full of veg and you’re trying not to mow people down in a crowded market!   I’m sure this guy would be a perfectly serviceable trolley if you didn’t fill him to the brim like I have a tendency to do.

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