New shopping trolley

Look what arrived for me today – my brand spanking new shopping trolley!  I may be a granny at heart, but these things are great…this is the first time I’ve ordered from the site before  but the service was pretty good, and it arrived in about 2 days (I thought I would be without trolley at this Saturday’s Farmers Market).

This is the Rolser Mountain Original Tour model with swivelling front wheels in purple…ooh, the actual material is a sort of two-toned matte that is so pretty, and it has an actual reinforced board inside to keep its shape…something my old trolley was sadly lacking.  Comfy handle, super-spacious, and a convenient pocket for your shopping list.  I am seriously impressed with it so far, but of course we shall have to wait for a test run on Saturday to take it for a spin!

Wow, this pretty purple thing looks so much better than my last one, which was ok but really didn’t meet my needs for sturdiness.  My new trolley is a 4-wheeler, with the inside wheels multi-directional, so I can’t wait to take corners with this baby!

Don’t get me wrong, my old trolley was funky, but I never felt right about the use of PVC, and the wheels kept loosening off.  NOT a good look when you have a trolley full of veg and you’re trying not to mow people down in a crowded market!   I’m sure this guy would be a perfectly serviceable trolley if you didn’t fill him to the brim like I have a tendency to do.

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