Recipe for Sunday brunch: salad of black pudding with scallops

I made breakfast for my lovely friend M this morning, who’s staying with me at the weekends as he lives above a rowdy pub.

I know black pudding isn’t exactly super healthy, but it’s the proper stuff (made from pigs blood rather than powdered and dried imported blood – yuck!).

I’m a big fan of real food made by real people, and this spicy black pudding may be the nicest I’ve ever tasted. Plus the charming man who runs the stall at Edinburgh Farmers Market was spotted giving my dog a sly cuddle last time I brought him down – sweeet! I buy a couple slices of Marag from him every week, and recently I’ve been buying up all his partridge as well…


250g ‘Marag’ black pudding (Austen Davies)
8 scallops (Creelers)
Mixed salad leaves (Phantassie)
A squeeze of lemon
Balsamic dressing (Cochrane cottage)
Salt and pepper/em>

Cut the black pudding into cubes. In a non-stick pan (I usually don’t like nonstick pans but for black pudding it’s a definite plus) heat a little oil and fry for a few minutes until crispy.

Add scallops, season with salt and plenty of fresh black pepper. Squeeze over the juice of half a lemon, just over the scallops.

Wash the salad leaves then dress with balsamic dressing. Top with the black pudding and scallops and serve immediately.


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2 thoughts on “Recipe for Sunday brunch: salad of black pudding with scallops

  1. Lovely ‘local’ recipe. One ofy hubby’s fave quickie meals (but probs not as special ingredients). Have you ever gone to the Stockbridge market – Sunday 10.30 – 5 ish. Fabby producers there too. Quite French, under the trees across from Mellis’. Plus they have Me Cheesey Peasey!

    • I keep meaning to go down to that market! I’ve got a few friends who go religiously and swear it’s amazing…I’m a big fan of market shopping (probably didn’t need saying!) and do almost all my food shopping at Castle Terrace on a Saturday. And I absolutely LOVE anything French! Will definitely have tp head down there sometime soon!

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