Things that made me smile this week

This is going to be my new ‘thing’.  I know I’ve been a very haphazard blogger, basically just posting whenever I felt like it – but no more!  I want order in my life!  I am slowly but surely reclaiming my house from the chaos (and the builders), so it seems a good time to start organising other aspects of my life.

So from now on, every week I will write a post about things that have made me smile, giggle, chuckle…anything inducing general happiness and cheer.  So here goes…this week, these are the things that have made me smile:

1. Planning an epic night out with my friends at the end of the month that I just know will be amazing!  There are folk coming from as far as the Islands (oh ye Mullochs, how I love you all), friends from uni, old friends, new friends, friends who have not been out together in years!  SO excited!

2. The boy I kinda sorta like (ooh, how high school!) texting me to tell me he’d be up for coming on said night out.

3. That same boy saying he loved my recipe idea AND the wee pressie I left for him.


4. My friend MB confusing the message I sent him, and thinking for the most part of a morning that I had given somebody this:

5. Spending an evening in with my friend M, trying to think up names for my new kitten

6. Finding out my new kitten is a boy, oops!

7. Speaking to a good friend I’d not seen in ages and planning a cycle next weekend

8. Getting my bike fixed and all new gear (a fancy new helmet and warm gloves)

9. Clearing out my attic and finding the suitcases I’d been looking for

10. Cuddling my doggy and watching him play with the new kitten…aww!!

11. A lovely lady I follow on Twitter leaving me the sweetest message on here, which totally made my day!

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2 thoughts on “Things that made me smile this week

  1. Is that lovely LADY, ME?! Because if it is…. I am totally flattered that you called me a lady :))) haha.
    Glad I made your day. It was an absolute pleasure.
    I am following your blog and can’t wait to see more.
    P.s. I know exactly what u mean, it is hard to blog on a schedule. When u figure it out, let me know. I just blog when it strikes me AND love that too.
    Big hugs
    xx Lynne

  2. […] a lovely guy, who I get on with really well and is also coincidentally very pleasant on the eye.  This […]

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