Things that made me smile this week

I still consider it to be Sunday, so it’s time for another ‘Things that made me Smile’ post! So without further ado, here are the things that made this week great.

1. Doing a nice thing, aka Spreading the Love. Inspired by the lovely Michaela Noelle

2. Bumping into the boy I like and hanging out with him for the afternoon. A total lovely accident and one that made me smile so much…

3. Realising midway through our conversation about cycling that I actually knew what i was talking about! Trust me, nobody was more surprised than me…

4. Discovering we have oddly similar taste in cycling helmets…

5. My friend MB and his lovely fiance inviting me to their wedding. They’re not asking any people from school because it’ll cost them a fortune (and they’re both students), but they wanted me to come. They’re possibly the sweetest couple, both such amazing people, and I’m honoured they’ve invited me!

6. Still planning that epic night out with some of my friends, and finding out even more people can now make it! Including one of my best friends, who originally couldn’t get the night off work…Like I said, this night is going to be epic!

7. Spending the day cycling with my good friend JD, who I haven’t seen in months. We managed to catch up, have a giggle and cycle about 7 miles yesterday. Oh, did I mention JD is possibly one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet?

8. Cooking a latenight dinner for JD and M last night of garlicky roast lamb, rosemary potatoes and honeyed parsnips. We were pretty tired by the time we ate, but it was worth it!

9. Chatting to the guys at Pedals (the bike repair shop in Bruntsfield) and them lending me one of their own bike lights so I could get home in one piece.

10. Hanging out with my flatmate.

11. Remembering the words to ‘Cool Rider’ from Grease 2, the singularly cheesiest film on the planet…and therefore fabulous!

12. Getting chatted up by a friend AND being the responsible one by reminding him why we shouldn’t hook up. A year ago, or even a few months ago, I would have found it exceptionally difficult to turn him down. BUT I AM A STRONGER and SMARTER VERSION OF MY FORMER SELF 😉

13. Watching BMXers… ;-P

14. Brandi Carlile’s ‘the Story’. Oh I love that song!

15. Cuddles with my doggy, who really is a total prince. I can’t even express how much I love the little guy. The cats can take me or leave me, but my wee man is always there for me.

and finally…

14. After being insulted by my ex for having a blog, mocked and basically slagged off at any opportunity to the point that I was unable to even tell my best mates…I told two of my friends about this place. And they were so interested I nearly cried. But a good kind of cry, so I think it counts!

Now roll on next week!

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