Review: Caffe e Cucina, Morningside Road

I’m sitting in Caffe e Cucina on Morningside road, a new place that opened up in the spot where Loopy Lorna’s used to sit. I love this part of town.



I live in Bruntsfield for the park, the convenience of school just a 30 minute walk away, the shops and cafes. If I lived in Morningside it would be for the lazy brunches, the wonderful atmosphere (very Alexander McCall Smith), the genteel Morningside ladies and the coffee.

I’ve just started drinking coffee again after a long hiatus. I think what put me off was two years working for the council and the communal tea runs that went with that job. It was dreadful. Seven women gossiping over instant coffee and tea strong enough to set your biscuit on. That was when I first started drinking herbal tea.

But can you really beat a beautifully made coffee?


I ordered the Involtino di Pollo, chicken stuffed with savoy cabbage, bresaola, fontina and pine nuts. I love the fact they serve lunch foods before noon, because I’ve had a craving for something more exciting than a cooked breakfast at 11am.


This was some seriously healthy portion! I loved the fact the roulade was less cheese-heavy, with the fresh tastes of the cabbage and crunch of the pine nuts coming through. The verdict is still out on the bean sauce, which may have been a bit superfluous. I did like the contrast with the simple potato, red onion and parsley salad tossed in olive oil.

The staff are lovely, the coffee is beautiful, the place is comfortingly continental. I think I can live with a few extra beans on my plate!

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