Keratin blow dry booked

I’m not a huge fan of my hair.  Oh sure, once it’s been washed and blow-dried by a professional, or even after I’m attacked it with some hair straighteners, it can look kinda nice.  But on an average day, when I’ve woken up just in time to jump in the shower and run out to class, it looks a mess.  There’s a wee wave to it at the front that doesn’t look cute, as waves should be obliged by law to be.  The second there is a drop of moisture in the air it rears its ugly head.

I’ve finally booked myself in for a keratin blow-dry (aka Brazilian blow-dry), super-expensive but hopefully worth it!  I phoned 4 salons this morning and the girl I spoke to at Pride was the nicest; and they were also the most reasonable in price! 

Now this may be controversial, but I have had few good experiences with a chain hairdressers.  I’ve had my hair ruined at Vidal Sassoon in Glasgow by a man with an undercut and paes (the wee ringlets Orthodox Jewish men wear).  Cheynes staff in Bruntsfield have been horribly rude to me.  I am a fan of the independant salon; I’ve been a loyal customer at Emma Hall Hair for years and wouldn’t get my hair cut or coloured anywhere else.  So I was happy to find an independant salon who could offer the same treatment.

So on Tuesday afternoon, will I be leaving the salon looking like this?  Oh one can only dream…





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