Things that made me smile

A bit tardy this week…I was so knackered by the time I got home from my (admittedly not very long or terribly difficult) cycle with my friend JD last night I just went straight to bed!

I’d like to make a mention here of friends.  This week I spent a lot of time with my friends, and it makes me supremely happy.  Sometimes it’s not even the doing of anything, just sitting around enjoying each others company whilst doing nothing, that can just put a smile on my face.  When I was with my ex, a lot of my friends stayed away – a lot of his friends stayed away as well.  Sometimes it just strikes me how wonderful these people I have in my life that I am just so damned grateful. It is the company of these amazing folk that makes me smile, not just from week to week, but all the time.

So thanks to my lovely EB, Mr Cat, R, M, JD, KR, their fabulous parents and all the other amazing people I get to call my friends… xxx  And now the soppiness segment of this blog post can make way for our regularly scheduled programme!

1. Taking my wee dog on his inaugural run with the waist lead around the park.  Tired him out, tired me out, and makes running fun – win-win!

2. Knowing that epic night out is THIS WEEK!  Bring on the weekend, people!

3. My friend telling me he’s been thinking about my roast lamb all week!

4. Deciding to do a special haggis supper this weekend to feed the troops before our EPIC NIGHT OUT

5. Speaking to my friend B for the first time in ages

6. Running into a very old friend in Morningside and realising he’ll be moving to just around the corner with his lovely girlfriend (and fabulous cat) very very soon

7. Talking about food (what else) and pooches with the very pretty boy

8. Going for drinks on Friday night with a good friend from uni

9. Picking up my new corset from Miss Dixiebelle’s in Bruntsfield

10. Planning my outfit with (at?) my friend Mr Cat, for whom heterosexuality is wasted on apparently

11. My weekly cycle with my friend JD

12. Planning my new kitchen!  I have recruited the lovely Michaela Noelle to be my ‘ideas lady’ and am so excited to see what she comes up with!

13. The lovely thing my friend’s mum said

14. Cycling to uni all on my own today, and realising it wasn’t as difficult as I’d made it out to be

15. My friend HBR wearing the dress I got her years ago on her birthday night out

16. Maybe, possibly, potentially coming up with a dissertation topic

17. Cycling to the Mile ON THE ROAD last week, with no incident!

18. Discovering a newfound love of coffee

and of course, how can we forget,


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