Pies, pies, pies…my 5 favourite pies (Part 1 of potentially many)

I didn’t make this, I just stuck it in the oven.  But oh my god, this may be one of my favourite things to eat ever.  This a Findlaters crunchy carrot and Dunsyre pie.   I don’t know who thought up the combination of Dunsyre blue cheese, red onion and carrot, but I want to give them a hug.

This got me thinking about pies. I do love pies, sweet, savoury, savoury with a bit of sweet.  So I thought, just for kicks, I’d do a post about my favourite pies.  Pies I have known and loved.

Pusateri’s apple crumble pie.  Oh my god I think this may have been a major contributor to my love of pies!  My dad would buy one of these every week from Pusateri’s in Toronto, we would split it into three not-so-equal slices and devour it like wolves.  Not as a dessert, mind you, oh no.  Not in my family.  We had this as a meal on its own.  Perfect sweet apple filling, crunchy buttery crumble topping.  I think this is why I remember my dad’s love of apple pies, and why to this day I still buy him a freshly made apple pie whenever they come to visit.  Even if we’ve not been getting along, he still gets an apple pie.  Tis tradition. www.pusateris.com

My dad’s tarte aux pommes.  I don’t know how he does it, because this is the man who cannot cook instant noodles.  When my mum was ill, I told him to make her chicken soup.  This involved using ready made chicken broth from the freezer, ready cooked chicken from the deli, chopping a couple carrots and noodles.   I lost him at ‘noodles’.  Somehow he makes a damned fine tarte aux pommes though, by some random miracle.  Sure, it’s with ready-made puff pastry, but it’s what he does with the apples and the glaze that defies logic.  Unfortunately, he has only done this a couple times and has yet to attemt a third.  Incidentally, my dad makes a mean steak, a fabulous fruit salad, and some really really good grilled lobster.  But boiling noodles?  No.  I could totally add a link here, and you could email him yourself requesting his famous apple pie (famous because it is so rare, like an exotic bird).

Simple Simon’s Breakfast Pie.  I have tried almost all of his pies, and though they are all tasty (particularly the beef and mushroom), this one is AMAZING.  It’s and egg, sausage, bacon, tomato and baked beans…all baked into a pie! To hell with all-day breakfast sandwiches, I’ll never look at one of those pallid and paltry offerings again.  Bring me breakfast, and bring it in pie form!!

My own chicken, mushroom and marmalade pie.  I know this is cheating slightly, as it’s one of my own concoctions.  I made it by happy accident for the first time about 5 years ago, when I first discovered my love of marmalade (not just as a spread and a preserve, but as a flavouring for all sorts of dishes – some worked, some…did not).   I’ll post the recipe up the next time I make it (with accompanying photo), but until then I just have a few things to say about my favourite self-made pie.  I use chicken thighs, not chicken breasts.  A whole bottle of cider finds its way in as well.  And finally, don’t be afraid of double cream.

And finally, the pie that inspired this post about pies!  Findlaters Crunchy carrot and Dunsyre pie.   Small and perfectly formed, gorgeous artisan blue cheese, sweet red onion, flaky pastry.   I know you are a veggie pie, but you know what?  I think I can look past that…




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