The Good Samaritan

I had to write about this, it’s put a big old smile on my sleepy wee face!

I was at the lovely new drinks shop in Bruntsfield, Drinkmonger…stockpiling beer for tomorrow night’s festivities!  I’m sleep deprived as it is, weakened by the relentless report-writing and endless facebook-checking (or other procrastination more imaginative).  So after asking the guys in the shop to load me up in a box, I thought it might be a good idea to trek the 200 or so metres home with: 2 wine-sized bottles of Fraoch heather ale, a couple bottles of Birds and bees pale ale, a bottle of single malt, a bottle of dark rum, and 13 bottles of Peroni.

I think I made it about 50 metres before I had to lean against a fence, staggering.  Which is where the lovely lady found me, slumped against a box of beer, maybe looking a little like a hobo.  Instead of laughing at my predicament and driving off in a cloud of dust, she asked me where I was headed…and offered me a lift.  Now I only stay another 150 metres away, so she drove me 30 seconds up the road and dropped me off outside my door.

Now you would have to be a pretty good samaritan to help a sleepy looking student-type schelp beer across the Links!  I may not have made it otherwise.  I would probably still be there, leaning against that fence, snoring away with my head rested on my box of beer.

I’m so classy…

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