Things that made me smile this week

Too much fun and too little sleep at the weekend makes Sunday’s ‘Things that made me smile’ post drag on to almost Tuesday!  Last week I spent quite a lot of time trying to sort out my house before everyone turned up on Friday, and getting as much work done as feasibly possible so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.  The former was significantly more successful than the latter.

Well, Jeff Mills was fabulous.  The whole evening was fabulous.  Never could a better night out have been planned and executed.    I certainly could not have asked for a more amazing group of people on a night out.  There were a few old friends from waaay back who made it from as far as London and Freuchie, the lovely Mr Cat, M, his brother B, Ginger B, Mr A Pants, his fabulous girlfriend who we now all adore (he has now been ordered to bring her over for the next dinner), R, G, my friend S from uni…and of course, the guy I like and his lovely friends.

Started off the evening with some haggis, a couple excessive beer runs and introducing my friend S to everyone.  I don’t think she’ll ever remember all their names!  We didn’t make it to the club until quite late, but ended up in a monstrous queue as the doors didn’t quite open until midnight.  Make your own fun in the queue, you say?  Oh yes.  I believe there was a wee hip flask being passed around…I don’t usually drink much, but every now and again there’s an occasion…

Seeing as everyone on a certain island off the west coast of Scotland have seemingly heard all about the weekend on the grapevine, as well as most of the staff in a certain pub I happen to frequent with alarming regularity, I’ll refrain from going on too much about my personal life in this space. So without much further ado, here we go…things that made me smile this week.

1. The epic night out, may go down in history as one the best nights out I have ever been on.  The music was amazing, the company was fabulous and the chat was superb.  I’d like to thank everyone who made this night what it was, starting of course with the lovely M, who came up with the idea in the first place.

2. Hats!  I have no idea why the hats came out, but they did.  Cycling helmets, fedoras, top hats, woolly bobble hats…I found them all in my hallway this morning and though I am slightly confused how they got there, I’m sure I had a good reason…

3. Showing folk the samurai sword.  It’s a genuine Japanese wakizashi from the 16th century, and my pride and joy. 

4. Seeing everyone, catching up, and of course, HUGS!

5. Going to bed when the sun was up, returning to the land of the living in darkness.  Kinda like my student days…

6. Having the most random chats about the most random things at an indecent hour of the morning

7. Mr Cat’s rum smoothie

8. That last whiskey of the night.  ALWAYS a bad idea, but fun nonetheless.

9. Looking at my photos from the weekend

10. Thinking I was actually going to make it out on my weekly cycle with my friend JD – didn’t happen this week, but getting mocked in the process was pretty funny

11. Having to break into my own house after the club, as Mr Cat had disappeared with my keys.  Then finding out that he was actually standing across the street watching us climb through the window.

12. S having a great time in the club, this being her first ever techno night AND her first night out with my friends…

13. Hanging out with the random kid we sold the spare ticket to, and inviting him and his friends back for a party. 

14. Ginger B hugging folk at distinctly inappropriate times.

15. Corsets!  I may have fallen asleep wearing mine (possibly a mistake as I now have slightly sore ribs), but it was comfy all night and man, did I get some comments!

16. Someone sleeping in the cat’s bed.

17. Phoning my sitting room to ask the boys to feed the animals, and finding out they already had.

18. Hanging out with A, Mr Pants’s girlfriend.  She such a sweet girl, and he has been told on no uncertain terms she is to be invited to all dinners from now on!

19. The guy I like offering to help out with Mr Cat’s birthday dinner, which is really rather lovely as he has only met Mr Cat twice…

20. Making some new friends.

21. Wearing comfy shoes.

22. Realising what I want to write my dissertation on.  Yes, it’s food.  And yes, I can find some way to relate it to the degree I am studying for!

23. M’s pie, made from leftover neeps, tatties and cheese.

24. Saturday.

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