Changing tactics

It has been a bit quiet here lately, mostly due to a whole heap of stuff happening…a field trip to Firbush for a week, my parents turning up a few days later, new tattoos, meeting up with old friends, and some very good weather that just screamed for outdoor fun.  After 10 weeks of relentless uni work, I just decided to step away from the computer and go outside.

Well fortunately for this blog (but perhaps unfortunately for my general wellbeing and sanity!) I am back at school for the next 10 weeks, so of course more activity on here.   I’ve already decided this will be my last term at this university, as though this course had appealed to me at first, the lack of options (particularly in the areas I am interested in) was really starting to get me down.

I love being outside, I really enjoy being out in the coutryside and there really is nothing I like better than going for a wee cycle on a gorgoeus day.  I’m interested in how we use and treat our environment, and I do believe the way most of us live and consume is NOT sustainable.  I just don’t think the way we are learning about resource use and environmental issues will give me the skills I’ll need to enter the job market in a career I’d be interested in.  I’m a built environment kinda girl.  Let me look at something and tell you how I can make it better, more sustainable, more efficient and goddamn it, more aesthetically pleasing!  In every essay I’ve written, I’ve thrown in a little something about engineering, track building, wind farm design.  I don’t want to stand on a hillside identifying a species of plant that may or may not exist!

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