Thank you Kiehls (centella asiatica recovery balm)

Kiehls, I thank you.

Every so often my skin decides it wants to go rogue, develop an allergic reaction to everything I put on it (even products I’ve been using with no issue), and becomes dry as a desert. I think this time the thing that set it off was some unexpected sun. Ooh, my skin was not happy about it!

Thankfully, Kiehls centella asiatica recovery balm came to my rescue again! Two days of using this wonder product has soothed my poor itchy, tight, flaky and dry skin…returning it to pretty much normal. Phew! Crisis averted!!

From my brief stint as a student of aromatherapy, I remember that centella asiatica is one of the super carrier oils, to be added to blends for inflamed and reactive skin along with a less expensive carrier (such as jojoba or sweet almond). Does the job, anyway!

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