She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not…# 6

She Loves Me…

1. Bikes! 

Ok, I’ve been just the tiniest bit bike obsessed since I finally learned to ride one (in January), and I have been dying to get a road bike for a few months now.  Well, that time may be nigh!  I shall be doing a spot of bike shopping in London whilst I am down for LDF with my friend Monsieur H…so I may be returning to sunny Edinburgh with a shiny new racer!  Oooh!


2. Champagne bars

My friend and I managed to hit the pop-up Pommery Champagne Bar in the stunning Signet Library during the Fringe this year…my idea of heaven!  We did the seasonal taster tray of 4 limited edition champages (topped off with a full glass of our ‘favourite’), had a half grilled loster each, and finished with a bottle of Louise.  Ooh bubbles!  We will definitely be back when they return next August!


3. My Pooch (and my chair!)

He’ll always be my favourite, my gorgeous wee puppy!  I know he is almost 3 years old now, but he will always be my little baby…and he’s got such a young face!  As someone who has always had cats, who keep themselves to themselves – allowing you to give them a cuddle when it pleases them – I never thought it would be possible to adore an animal quite so much.

And here he is, sitting in my Eames lounge chair.  It’s not just any dog who gets to recline in a real Eames chair (bought for half price btw, but definitely a major treat for myself as it was freaking expensive!)…no reproductions for me!  Baby boy is one pampered pooch!

Please excuse the messy room.  My house is a work in progress!


3. Barney’s Apartment on HIMYM

Maybe I’m not a girly girl (full disclosure here, I’m not).  My idea of heaven is a bachelor pad a la Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother.  Could you not picture an Eames chair in the corner of his super-sleek living room, or one of those Le Corbusier recliners?  Though I would have a purple and grey scheme rather than the uber-masculine charcoal and chrome look he’s got going on.

Oh and could you have the mountie sent to my room?




4. Alice in Wonderland

Those of you who know me in RL know I am an absolute Alice fanatic.  Have been since I was 6 (and first read the book).  I have been hankering after an Alice sleeve for years, but just got around to starting it this year.  Wow.  This has been an epic undertaking, but I am pleased to say the masterpiece is almost complete!

I will unveil when the sleeve is finished, but meanwhile here is a photo of the outline for the final Alice…


She Loves Me Not…

1. Flat Renovations

Ok, this could fall under both, as I LOVE what is taking form…I can see the end result and I can’t wait!  However the sheer mess and amount of dust getting building work done is insane, no matter how clean and tidy my tradesmen are.  My boys have been absolute stars, but I can’t wait for it all to be finished!

So far I have had the hallway doors removed and the ceiling raised, as well as a pantry put in next to my kitchen…next major job is getting the kitchen ripped out and a brand spankin’ new one put it.  Note the silver Anglepoise light!  I really wish I had thought to do this BEFORE I moved all my things in!


2. Cost of train travel

September, October and November are going to drian me financially…I have a few events and birthdays the next few months, which is costing an absolute fortune.  Even with my RailCard (I get 1/3 off as a student) train travel is ridiculously expensive!  So far this month I have already spent £50 to get to Mull to see Miss Kat and her wee one (and catch up with the beautiful Em), then next weekend I shall be travelling to Glasgow to get inked by the super-talented Charissa from Jolie Rouge.  Followed by a week in London for LDF, a hen do in Aviemore, Em’s birthday, a wedding on Mull, Monsieur H’s birthday…and finally Black Keys in Glasgow in December.  Yikes!

3. Bad food

I met up with my friend SJ for lunch the other day at Yocoko noodle bar (name and shame!) and the food was dreadful!  Just a bad excuse for chinese food, which was a shame as we had decided to try this place instead of our usual Red Box Noodle Bar.  Everything was horrible, too much conrflour, gelatinous sauces and soups, tasteless, none-too-fresh meat and terrible service.  Why bother?!


Well that it for my likes and dislikes this week!  🙂  x

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One thought on “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not…# 6

  1. Oh! A champagne bar…how fun and delicious 🙂 And I bet living through construction is the worst…but will be well worth it. Thanks for linking up!

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