What’s in my fridge this week: Waitrose

Today I did something I haven’t done in years, triggered by too much partying and holidaying over the past month. I went and did a…wait for it…huge supermarket shop. Maybe it was because I’m still worn out and recovering from the weekend. Perhaps I was feeling lazy and the lure of a home delivery from Waitrose was far too strong. Besides I needed to stock up on some storecupboard supplies. So off to Morningside I went, armed with a delivery time slot and a very basic list…I came out with this!


Yes that’s right, the world’s longest receipt! That’s my pantry sorted for the foreseeable future, enough dog and cat food to last the wee critters for a long time, staples, fruit, vegetables, dishwasher tablets, laundry supplies and other boring essentials.

I have however decided that this is the week I am going to start menu planning. Stocking up on items I wouldn’t usually get was actually kind of fun, though I’m not sure about the whole supermarket experience!

Baby avocados
Large navel oranges
Potted basil
Chestnut mushrooms
Corn on the cob
Haricots (green beans)
Pineapple chunks
Baby spinach
Chantenay carrots
Ready to roast Mediterranean vegetables
Roseval baby new potatoes
Sugar snap peas
Red onions

Dairy & eggs
Yeo valley half fat creme Fraiche
Beurre d’insigny full fat creme Fraiche
Sea salted butter
Semi skimmed organic milk
Creamed goats cheese
Saint augur creamed blue cheese
Free range eggs
Duck eggs

4-pack Cirio plum tomatoes
Tinned tuna
Lemon and garlic couscous
Wholewheat israeli couscous
Wholesome soup mix
Grain mix
Casserole mix
Soft dried apricots
Green & blacks organic cocoa
Halen mon sea salt

Meat and fish
Hot smoked trout fillets
Unearthed prosciutto crudo
Raw king prawn tails
Pork tenderloin with apple butter
White Cornish crab (fresh, flesh only)
Crayfish tails

Chinese rice vinegar
Amoy ready to wok noodles
Amoy ready to wok udon noodles
Rice noodles

De Cecco spaghetti
De Cecco tortiglioni
Sacla sun dried tomato pesto
Sacla fiery chilli pesto
Sacla diavolo pasta sauce (tomato and chilli)
Sacla tomato and garlic pasta sauce
Sacla organic tomato pesto
Fresh pumpkin and pine nut stuffed fiorelli
Tideford organics tomato, basil and butter pasta sauce


Snack foods & deli
Grilled artichokes
Unearthed hummus with yoghurt
Unearthed hummus with pomegranate
Tyrells sweet and salty popcorn
Tyrells sea salted popcorn
Duchy originals chicken and heather honey pâté
Taiko akane sushi
Seriously fruity mini apple tarts


Copella pink apple lemonade
Pink lady apple juice
Cherry juice



I will be crossing items off as and when I use them!

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