Crayfish and mango noodle salad with sweet chilli dressing

Remember yesterday’s post about my epic grocery shop?  Well today I thought I’d use some of the lovely ‘random’ ingredients I’d brought home to make a light and breezy crayfish noodle salad.

This was one of the meals I’d envisaged making when I was wandering the aisles, because crayfish and mango salad seems to be ubiquitous on the ready-made salad shelves in any supermarket (M&S does one, Waitrose does one and I believe Sainsburys does as well).  And they are always disappointing.  Lacking in flavour, limp crayfish and either undercooked or overcooked noodles.

I thought I would give it a kick with a dressing made from some lovely Trucklemans chilli jam, soy sauce and the tiniest splash of rice wine vinegar (which found its way into my trolley yesterday morning).   Such a simple and quick meal to make, and so much tastier than the ready-made version!  I have to admit I did use a few cheats here, with ready prepared mango (which I diced into finer pieces), ready cooked noodles and of course cooked crayfish tails.  However you still get the fresh flavour coming through, and I was happy with the result.

Crayfish and mango noodle salad with sweet chilli dressing

Rapeseed oil
150g crayfish tails
150g diced mango
300g cooked rice noodles
2 tsp chilli jam
2 tsp soy sauce
Splash Chinese rice wine vinegar


Combine the chilli jam, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar in a bowl.


In a wok heat rapeseed oil, add cooked noodles and stirfry quickly over a high heat. Add crayfish, mango and chilli-soy dressing and toss thoroughly until heated through. Add a little water if the noodles are sticking.

Serve hot or cold as a salad, adding fresh coriander as a garnish if needed. Chopsticks optional!


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