Dinner at Tomoe, 62 Marylebone Lane

Due to my mum and dad’s later arrival and my losing myself in Marylebone High Street’s Skandium shop…we had no choice but a late dinner. Recommendation courtesy of Time Out London’s iPhone app. I just hit the ‘find restaurants nearby’ button and found a wee Japanese restaurant near the hotel called Tomoe.


We are a family of sushi and sashimi lovers, so we ordered some scallop and sea bream sashimi, unagi (eel), fatty tuna and an eel avocado roll. All super fresh, especially the scallop sashimi, which was almost sweet…beautiful!



The white fish with plum came with a cheek-suckingly tart preserved plum condiment that was intriguing…it was like nothing I’d tasted before, and I have had A LOT of Japanese food in my life! My only complaint would be the amount of preserved plum presented did overpower the fabulous fresh fish. How’s that for illiteration?!


My dad, the militant meat eater in the family, decided on a stewed pork belly char shu. This came as tender slices of belly, not overly fatty as stewed pork is so prone to be.


I of course need a noodle course, as I am a carb fiend! Mine was a kitsune udon, a braised and fried bean dish that was full of flavour. Couldn’t fault it, the udon was springy with just enough bite, the broth was savoury and rich, and there was a distinct lack of random vegetables floating lost in a sea of soup. Just plain, simple, tasty food.


The only disappointing dish of the evening was the chicken teriyaki, which was bland and nondescript. It was reminiscent of takeaway Chinese chicken in a generic sauce, no distinctive teriyaki flavours at all.


A lovely, unassuming and authentic Japanese dining experience!


62 Marylebone Lane

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