Breakfast at Porto and Fi, the Mound (Edinburgh)

The last time I was in Porto and Fi I threw a glass of water in my ex’s face and never got to finish my French toast. He deserved it, but I really wish I’d had a chance to finish my breakfast!

I visited with my parents this morning because my kitchen in currently a work in progress, meaning I have four walls and a ceiling but very little else! My plumber is laying the tiles today (beautiful Fired Earth silver blue slate) so we decided to make a swift exit!

Firstly let’s get the gushing over the fabulous cappuccinos out of the way. Perfectly frothy, creamy foam and smoooooothe coffee. The curvy Danesi coffee cups were lovely too!


My salmon eggs Benedict were surprisingly light, none of this claggy gloopy nonsense of a hollandaise sauce I’ve been the victim of in less abled kitchens! Free range poached eggs of course!


Oh and my dad let me sample his baguette French toast, fluffy like a cloud and making me rethink my decision to throw that glass of water at my ex before I finished my breakfast that morning! He still deserved it, but I could have enjoyed my food first!


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