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If you have nothing nice to say, please keep it to yourself…

I think I can realistically say I’m a nice person 80% of the time. Everyone has an ‘off day’, but I cannot abide rudeness for no reason. I adore my friends and I would do anything for them, I am not a jealous person and I try to surround myself with people who have the same values. Every so often one slips through the net though.

At the weekend I went to a birthday party for a good friend, who just so happens to live with another very good friend, I think the boys are great, we have a laugh. Unfortunately they have one other housemate who after her behaviour at the weekend I really cannot see myself staying friends with. I have never experienced such rudeness from someone who calls herself a pal.

Mean girls. Waste of bloody time.

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Missoni madness manicure

I am so excited to show you this!! I am rocking some epic nail art courtesy of 2U Beauty at Lochrin Buildings in Tollcross.

Voila Missoni Madness!



The colours we used were (in order):
Nails inc. ‘old bond street’ base (charcoal grey shimmer)
OPI ‘Chinese rose garden’ (barbie pink)
Jessica ‘witchy wisteria’ (plum)
Jessica ‘Viva la limelights’ (lime green)
Nails inc. ‘Savile row’ (aubergine)
Jessica ‘sky high’ (baby blue)
OPI ‘significant other colour’ (lilac shimmer)
OPI ‘green-wich village'(grass green).

Phew! Here they are…


And a few shots of the lovely Lynn in action…



How amazing is this?! To quote my friend Rach when I texted her a pic, ‘Wowzers!!’

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My bike has a name, his name is René

I have a peculiar habit of giving my bikes Gallic boys names. My mtb is called Bertrand and my hybrid Benoit. My beautiful boy, a Specialized dolce elite, is now called René the roady…

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I’ve also been listening to Brandi Carlile’s THE STORY

Depending on my mood sometimes I have a few songs on loop. This seems to be where I am at the moment. It may change, but I have been loving this song so hard this year it must be explaining my state of mind.

Bloody happy the past is in the past and I have had an amazing year. I have made some wonderful new friends, renewed friendships with some old friends and caught up with some of the best people on earth.

Love it: Miss Ballantyne’s lip and cheek tint (Sub rosa)

Now those who know me well know I’m not exactly a huge makeup girl…I have a very specific look I’ve been working for years, simple (lip gloss, light foundation, touche éclat and a swipe of shadow in a smoky mauve or grey) bad I see nothing wrong with it. Everything else seems to fiddly for me, and besides I have no dexterous ability to do the sexy smoky Asian eyes thing.

However, let me introduce you to a wee gem of a product I found in my makeup bag…I bought this ages ago but as I’m one of those girls who has hundreds of lip glosses and tinted balms (I cannot go out nude of lip!) I somehow never got round to using it. Now I woke up on Saturday morning with SUCH dry and chapped lips for one reason or another 😉 and this just happened to be conveniently in my bathroom, sitting so prettily in my toothbrush cup for done reason! Well I thought I’d give it a try and WOW.

Instantly soothing, moisturising and with just enough of a tint of colour to make your own lips look a little rosy. You could convince people you’re wearing nothing but a dab of Vaseline… I’m a fan of Carmex but this stuff actually soaks in instead if sitting on top of your lips like so many tinted products do.

And of course I love the fact it comes from a small independent maker. I got this at one of the 2d/3d art fairs that run in Edinburgh at Christmas and Festival time.

Sub Rosa organic cheek and lip tint by Miss Ballantyne


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