Oh Christmas Tree…

This year I went minimalist with my tree. The flat is still a work in progress and the only room I could put it up in was my bedroom! But damn it, it’s starting to feel a bit like Christmas!

Today I did my Christmas shopping. All of it. In an hour. I suffered the indignities of battling Christmas shoppers and managed to drag home some quality loot!

My good friend Rach and her family were given a massive copper gong (unfortunately I don’t have a photo because I so couldn’t wait to give it to them I took a taxi straight to theirs from the market!).

My friend JD is getting these DMR V12 magnesium fire engine red stud pedals for his bike and the customary Bridgedale hiking socks (as per tradition).

JD’s dad is getting a bottle of single malt Glenrothes whiskey as this is where they’re from and a bottle of Annaparenna red wine (which came highly recommended); JD’s mum a pair of pearl earrings and some gorgeous chocolates from Harvey Nicks.

And my friend JL’s parents, who my beloved pooch will be spending Christmas Day with, a bottle of Brunello Di Montalcino and a bottle of Dom Perignon!

Oh and this was the clincher, I also bought a present for a good friend who I have not spoken to in a month. We fell out over something silly, I feel she resents some of my new friends and maybe we’ve grown apart. But months ago I ordered a lovely clock for Ms D and today I paid for it and asked the shop to let her know she had a present waiting for her there. I don’t expect it’ll make the problems in our friendship instantly go away, but it’s a start!

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