Lambstravaganza recipes: Roast leg of lamb

I’m finally getting around to posting my recipes from Lambstravaganza…a fortnight late! It’s been a busy few weeks with birthdays and nights out, but here we go…oh and to make up for the tardiness here’s a few photos from the night!





Stuffing for roast lamb
A head of garlic, cloves separated and roughly chopped
100g anchovies, drained and roughly chopped
20g rosemary, leaves only

Mix ingredients in a small bowl and set aside.


Roast leg of lamb
Leg of lamb (tell your butcher how many are coming for dinner)
Lamb stuffing mixture (see above)
Rapeseed oil
Chilli jam
Glass red wine
Red currant jelly
Beef stock

To stuff roast leg of lamb, make deep slits on the top side with a sharp knife (about 10 slits). Stuff mixture into the slits and rub skin with rapeseed oil. Roast at 180’C (check roasting times depending on the size of your piece).

30 mins before cooking time is up, glaze with some chilli jam using a silicone pastry brush. Return to oven.

To make gravy, after meat is removed to rest covered (I placed it in a cooked oven wrapped in foil), strain off excess oil and deglaze with a glass of red wine. Get the crispy bits off the bottom with a wooden spoon! Add some beef stock and a little red currant jelly.


Serve with roasties!

And watch this space for my lamb and red wine stew (slow cooked for 24 hours, yum!) and my Moroccan lamb shanks! X

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