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Duvet day and cosy leggings

This week I have…

…had a fabulously fun time out with a new friend, drank deliciously fruity cocktails, danced to the music of one of my favourite bands, spent 18 fleeting hours in London to renew my passport at the Canadian High Commission, shopped quite mercilessly and came home bedecked in jewels…

So it’s ok to have a duvet day sometimes, which is what I did yesterday. A day on the sofa chilling out and watching trashy tv, cuddling with the dog.

A very lazy, chilled, responsibility-free day…


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Outfit du Jour, pink tweed and studs

Pink tweed makes me think of two things, Karl Lagerfeld dressing Barbie and posh American ladies who lunch. In Chanel, of course. Always in Chanel.

I can’t be doing with head-to-toe pink, and if I’m honest it’s a colour I always feel the need to wear with a sense of irony. It’s almost like I have an aversion to pretty…today I rocked this super-short pink tweed mini – so short the first thing my mum said to me when I stumbled down for breakfast was ‘Please for the love of god don’t drop anything today!’

In typical ‘me’ style, I had to pair it with my ubiquitous black suede mocca-wedges from Ash (which are so beat up by the way, they’re holding on by a wing and a prayer), something studded, and tights so red you could see them from space. Little known fact, my legs have been known to stand in for air traffic control command stations on foggy days…

Tweed mini: Bebe
Studded batwing sweater: Parisian (I have no idea where this came from, sorry!)
Tights: John Lewis
Ankle boots: Ash

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Bee Stung

This is me, officially announcing (I’m not sure to whom) that I’m venturing back into the realms of fashion again. Maybe it’s the almost-2-stone I’ve lost in the past year, maybe it’s the fact that fashion is finally veering in a direction I can get inboard with again, maybe it’s just an undeniably good mood this fine Tuesday afternoon…who knows…

Let’s clear a few things up, my aesthetic isn’t pretty, flirty, frilly or pink. I am so far from being a girlie girl I can’t even see it in the horizon. My fashion icons are Sailor Moon, Minnie Mouse and Spider-Man. Most of the time I channel Japanese schoolgirl with my ever present purple tartan mini kilt and dip dyed Crayola-red hair a la Hayley Williams of Paramore circa 5 years ago.


I’m always on the lookout for funky, eccentric, different pieces, conversation starters because deep down I’m actually quite shy and terrible at small talk. I’m also obsessed with bees. I know I look rather fetching dressed as a bumblebee, and today I saw, fell in love with and had to buy this gorgeous McQueen ring.


Heavy as a rock, lavishly impractical and breathtakingly beautiful. With a bee!! . Never before has a piece if jewellery been so thoroughly meant for me!

Ring:Alexander McQueen at Selfridges

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Here’s to…

…random phone calls from friends I didn’t expect to hear from at this time of night…

…good people I love to bits, real folk without drama…

…my favourite fellow name buddy…

…wishing I could join them on the sesh tonight…


London again…hotel room luxe

I’m pulling a 24 hour blink-and-you’ll-miss-it trip to London to renew my passport at the Canadian Consulate. Most of what I’ll be seeing is the queue so I’ll spare everyone the photo journal of my slightly tedious morning…instead I thought I’d share some photos of my pleasant surprise of a hotel room!

My dad kindly (and generously!) booked me into the Grosvenor Square Marriott – much lusher than the usual I found!




Check out the cosy furry throw! We’re not venturing into the realms of groundbreaking interiors here but it’s got the feeling of cosy, easy luxury with the sexy king sized four poster (a modern version, such a rarity!), the dark linear furniture and neutral accessories. And about 2 minutes away from Selfridges, which may prove to be dangerous to my bank balance tomorrow.

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Let me just start by saying it’s shockingly cold in Edinburgh this fine morn, and of course it’s terribly irresponsible of me to step out in summery garb. But it’s almost April and I’m quite frankly tired of my winter wardrobe. I hit Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair at the Picture House on Saturday and came home with some choice pieces I’m just dying to wear. Optimistically my haul consisted of mostly Playsuits, shorts, summery skirts and an unbelievable sailor-inspired jacket. Bring on a sunny Scottish summer!

Playsuit: Vi Nouveau ( at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair
Cardigan: Zara
Boots: André
Tights: John Lewis
Leopard print skinny belt: John Lewis
Geometric necklace: Curiouser and Curiouser (Broughton Street)

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Spring manicure at Nails inc)

Lying Punxsatawney Phil, I’ve seen no sign of spring! It’s still bitterly cold here in Edinburgh with a side order of wind, so to inject a little colour into my weary wintered self I went all mint green and creamy ivory shimmer on springtime’s ass (nails).

Today’s manicure was brought to you by the lovely girls at Nails Inc…Harvey Nichols daaahling! I am neither a fan of mint green in real life, nor am I a girlie girl, but this super pretty shade lured me in to a false sense of security and then BAM! Didn’t know what hit me…

We used these colours (all Nails inc of course)
Royal Botanic Gardens’ (mint green)
Floral Street’ (pure white)

and one coat of
Whitechapel (creamy white shimmer)


How stupendously pretty is this? Loooovely!

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