Bee Stung

This is me, officially announcing (I’m not sure to whom) that I’m venturing back into the realms of fashion again. Maybe it’s the almost-2-stone I’ve lost in the past year, maybe it’s the fact that fashion is finally veering in a direction I can get inboard with again, maybe it’s just an undeniably good mood this fine Tuesday afternoon…who knows…

Let’s clear a few things up, my aesthetic isn’t pretty, flirty, frilly or pink. I am so far from being a girlie girl I can’t even see it in the horizon. My fashion icons are Sailor Moon, Minnie Mouse and Spider-Man. Most of the time I channel Japanese schoolgirl with my ever present purple tartan mini kilt and dip dyed Crayola-red hair a la Hayley Williams of Paramore circa 5 years ago.


I’m always on the lookout for funky, eccentric, different pieces, conversation starters because deep down I’m actually quite shy and terrible at small talk. I’m also obsessed with bees. I know I look rather fetching dressed as a bumblebee, and today I saw, fell in love with and had to buy this gorgeous McQueen ring.


Heavy as a rock, lavishly impractical and breathtakingly beautiful. With a bee!! . Never before has a piece if jewellery been so thoroughly meant for me!

Ring:Alexander McQueen at Selfridges

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