Outfit du Jour, pink tweed and studs

Pink tweed makes me think of two things, Karl Lagerfeld dressing Barbie and posh American ladies who lunch. In Chanel, of course. Always in Chanel.

I can’t be doing with head-to-toe pink, and if I’m honest it’s a colour I always feel the need to wear with a sense of irony. It’s almost like I have an aversion to pretty…today I rocked this super-short pink tweed mini – so short the first thing my mum said to me when I stumbled down for breakfast was ‘Please for the love of god don’t drop anything today!’

In typical ‘me’ style, I had to pair it with my ubiquitous black suede mocca-wedges from Ash (which are so beat up by the way, they’re holding on by a wing and a prayer), something studded, and tights so red you could see them from space. Little known fact, my legs have been known to stand in for air traffic control command stations on foggy days…

Tweed mini: Bebe
Studded batwing sweater: Parisian (I have no idea where this came from, sorry!)
Tights: John Lewis
Ankle boots: Ash

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