Review: Red Squirrel (Lothian Road)

Sunday afternoons are for relaxed eats, and as my flat is currently ‘under construction’, pooch and I took our friend Billy out for a lazy late lunch in the dog-friendly Red Squirrel on Lothian Road.

I opted for the crispy bacon, egg and potato salad to start, the 3 mini slider sharing platter and to finish, the gourmet mac and cheese with caramelised red onions and tomato.

Let’s start with the good…I loved the chilled out vibe of the place, the unassuming yet cool diner decor (reminded me of Pop’s Malt Shoppe from the old Archie comics), and huge burgers are glorious!


The mini sliders were super cute, and I love the idea of having three different flavours of burger in manageable munchable size.


The waiter brought us a bowl of water for the wee man and was more than happy to put in an order for a couple sausages for his dinner. Aw, cute!



And now for the not-so-great…my mac and cheese was nice but very…ordinary. The gruyere was a bit mild, I like my cheesy pasta full of flavour and this one erred too much on the side of subtle. Other than a few flecks of caramelised onion, it was barely discernible, especially from an ingredient that is usually such a bold and distinctive taste.

My potato salad was huge, but not particularly interesting.

There are things i really love about the Red Squirrel, but I’d definitely recommend sticking to what they do best – the super tasty burgers.

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