Design geek love: Tetris shelves

I saw this on Apartment Therapy and it just appealed to the my inner geek. You can take your high resolution graphics and special effects, I’m all for the old school games, on the original Game Boy I played in primary school!

This was the brainchild of Jonny Hicks of Hicks Custom Furniture (found on Folksy). The shelf is comprised of individual blocks just like the original Tetris pieces, which can be assembled in any formation you can think of. How cool is that?!! I’m so tempted to get a whole wall of these. I can just imagine spending a day playing life sized Tetris!

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2 thoughts on “Design geek love: Tetris shelves

  1. Amara says:

    Nooooo, why did you have to show me this? I am supposed to work! And now I want to play tetris! And now I WILL play tetris! Umpf

    • I want these so badly, I think I would have to constantly rearrange them in one epic, life-sized game of Tetris…goodbye productivity! ;-). X. Ps apologies for taking so long to reply, wordpress hasn’t been alerting me to comments but I really should check more regularly! My bad!

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