Challenge: Blog Every Day in May

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve always been a sporadic blogger; I know I should post regularly but sometimes life gets in the way, and dammit if I don’t get so easily distracted with work and being that little social butterfly that I am ;-).

My friend Emily shared this amazing challenge from the lovely Elizabeth’s blog over at Rosalilium. Emily can be found at Under a Glass Sky and I’ve known her for years in real life as well as in Blogland. The girl has impeccable taste; she’s a person I look to for fashion and foodie inspiration…the last time I was in London I just had to ask for her eating, drinking and most importantly COFFEE recommendations, and of course no one rocks a vintage frock quite like this girl :-).

After seeing Em’s blog post about #BEDM I signed up to do this challenge, which if I’m honest I’m just the tiniest bit nervous about. A post every day? Do I have that many words in me? Previous uni lecturers would probably sigh and roll their eyes, with memories of verbose essays laughing in the face of word limits as I waxed lyrical about green tech and mountain bike track building during an EIA.

So…a post a day, with a calendar of prompts throughout the whole month to interpret how I like? This has the potential to be something amazing, something fun, and maybe the kick I need to nurture my wee blog a bit more. If nothing else this may give the world a worrying insight into my head ;-).

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