#BEDM Day 5: Fit and Healthy

I almost giggled at the irony when I realised what BEDM had in store for me today! Fit and healthy? If you count sipping champagne in Leith Links and dancing around my friend’s stripper’s pole all weekend! If my antics at the weekend were anything to go by I am the least qualified person to be blogging about being fit and healthy!

Five days a week I am pretty ‘good’; I eat well, snack on mostly fruit and veg, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate or junk food, I walk the dog, cycle everywhere…however then the weekend rolls round and it seems all bets are off! However I hope 5 days of healthy living at least counteracts two days of frivolous, bacchanalian excess! 😉

Tips for healthy living from a self-proclaimed ‘Party Girl’
1. Exercise, find some form you enjoy. For me this was cycling…would you believe my bike-obsessed self only learned to ride one in January of last year? I did some damage to my knees skiing (and attempting a few ill-advised ski jumps) as a child, so regular running or load-bearing exercise isn’t ideal for me. I’d bought a bike when I was with the ex, but cycling with him was unpleasant as, let’s be honest, the guy was a bully. After we split up, I realised the mountain bike has been sitting gathering dust for over a year, so I gave myself a goal of learning how to ride it within a month – otherwise I’d sell the damned thing! A week later I’d grown rather attached to it and took myself on my first ride on the roads of Edinburgh…terrifying but so liberating!

2. Love your fruit and veg. I am a true carnivore, I almost always have a Sunday roast and I can’t remember the last time I ordered a vegetarian main in a restaurant! However I’m also the person who orders at least one vegetable side in addition to the usual potato variation that comes with most dishes, usually cabbage, spinach, root veg, sweet potatoes, sprouts…you get the picture! I snack on oranges, grapes, apples, bananas. And I start almost every day with a freah smoothie from the friendly neighbourhood coffee shop!

3. Say no to fizzy juice. In fact, there’s very little in the way of fizzy juice, soda, pop etc that I actually like – San Pellegrino’s Aranciata and Aranciata Rosso, and Orangina. I’m definitely a fruit juice aficionado, and the fresher the better! Which makes sense the only fizzy stuff I actually like is mostly just orange juice and carbonated water. The sugary stuff is sickly, bad for your teeth and is better used for keeping a sparkling toilet!

4. Stre-e-e-e-etch!. I have a peculiar habit stretching and doing impromptu yoga in the strangest places, usually parties after a night of enthusiastic dancing to some quality tunes! I tried a few yoga classes in Edinburgh but unfortunately have yet to find somewhere equal in awesomeness to Octopus Garden Yoga in Toronto. Unpretentious, vinyasa flow style, great instructors and a vegan cafe that serves actual tasty salads and baked goods! So until I find the perfect yoga studio here in the Burgh, the search is on!


Well there you have it, my ‘expert’ opinion on fitness and healthy eating! Now that spring is here and the wild outdoors are more appealing, I’ll be sure to get some more activity in…and I’m really looking forward to the soft fruit season!

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2 thoughts on “#BEDM Day 5: Fit and Healthy

  1. lonestarsky says:

    Awesome advice! And by the sound of things, you’ve got the healthy living/party girl balance pretty good! 🙂

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