#BEDM Day 6: Bank Holiday

Ah, bank holidays! I used to get so excited about these when I still worked in an office…as I work from home now, and I’m self-employed, they don’t have the same impact on my psyche!

So today, on this lovely sunny Bank Holiday Monday…I decided to catch up on some work! I had a couple documents to translate which thankfully took less time than I’d anticipated, so when I got a message from a friend during my ‘lunch break’ requesting my presence for cake and coffee…of course I suggested Lovecrumbs in the West Port.

They do a mean cappuccino…and an even meaner cake! This is where I used to go for my breakfast fix when my tattooist was based around the corner. I love this area of Tollcross verging on East Fountainbridge, with funky vintage clothing shops (Herman Brown), Edinburgh’s triangle of strip joints (colourfully dubbed the ‘pubic triangle’), the futuristic Point Hotel and the gateway to the Grassmarket…not to mention the cluster of secondhand book shops and curios.

We spent a lovely afternoon sipping cappuccinos and tucking into cake, plonked in the back by the vintage piano used as seating. I couldn’t resist a slice of lemon drizzle loaf cake drizzled with rosemary scented syrup!



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