#BEDM Day 7: Pets

I talk about my animaux. A lot. My friend Barbara calls them the menagerie; there’s His Royal Rhodness (my beautiful 3 year old boxer-cross pup), the gender bending kitten, and of course The MaoMao Experience. The thing I love most about my posse is their district personalities, their sheer cuddliness, and of course their strangely similar looks!


He’s my wee man, my best friend, the ultimate wing man…I can’t express how much I adore this dog, from the moment I brought him home – would you believe the 26kilo hulk of a dog was once smaller than a cat? He’d be mortified if he knew I was posting this, but when he was a baby MaoMao took a hiss and a swipe at him from the bed…he was so terrified he peed and poo’d himself! Poor wee thing was shaking with fear, I couldn’t even tell him off!



Rhod and his wee brother Gilbert adore each other, they love to pose for pics together and every morning I’ll wake up to find them cuddling each other on my bed. Pooch has even been known to use the kitten as a footrest!


Mr Fluffy, Sylvester, Sir Gilby Fluffikins…the newest addition to the family! I adopted wee Gilbert in January of last year after my darling MaoMao went missing – the house felt empty without a cat, and my friend scouted a wee kitten in Fife. When I went to pick it up, the owners told me it was a wee girl…so I named her Alice. Just by chance when I took her for her shots, the vet (accepting my word she was a female) checked to make sure the wee one was cleaning itself properly, and noticed she was definitely a he! Cue much hilarity trying to come up with another name!




Gilbert is the most chilled cat ever, he’s been known as the Magician’s Assistant for his abilities to flop in the strangest positions…He’s just over a year old now and massive! This is one wee man who doesn’t realise he’s a cat, he’s been known to follow Rhod out on walks and I think he’s just waiting to grow as big as his brother!


Ah, Princess. My darling Chairnan MaoMao, the communist cat. I’ve had her since I was at St. Andrews…which makes her a grand old dame of 13 now. This cat has been with me through thick and thin, lived in 4 flats together, and countless flatmates. She rules the house with an iron paw! Rhod is very protective of her. She used to get bullied by the neighbourhood cats so I sent him out on the balcony to scare them off – he barked at them til they left her alone! I’ve even seen him stand guard over her.



MaoMao is definitely the diva of the family, she doesn’t stand from any nonsense from her siblings and she’s not afraid to put them in their place!

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