#BEDM Day 9: Social Media

I’m rather fickle with social media; whilst I have a twitter, a Flickr and a Facebook (as well as a few now-defunct ones such as Bebo and MySpace) I go through periods of constant update followed by periods of…total silence. Yes, I’m that person who takes months to upload my photos to Facebook following a night out, and then one night when bored, my friends will be hit with 10 albums at once!

Facebook is the one old stalwart I’ve remained true to, though from 2009-2011 I did disappear…commitments with uni and, if I’m honest, a very unpleasant relationship and an unwillingness to broadcast a cheery front or depress my friends with my dire chat.

I use it to keep up with friends abroad, and use it as a messaging platform to chat to the friends I see all the time! I fear I’m a constant stream of consciousness sometimes.


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