Adventures in the Sun: Picnics in Peculiar Places

It’s been a sunny couple of weeks here on Edinburgh, and I have spent blissful days catching up with friends alfresco,

One of my very favourite was an impromptu picnic outside my lovely friend’s workplace. I’m lucky to have the kind of job that allows me flexibility with my hours, and during the summer months my home office is largely unoccupied when the sun is out (aside from a cat or two who took a wrong turning past the food bowl). I have no problem with working late at night if it means I can spend my days enjoying the great outdoors!

I decided to surprise my Grace with a picnic during her lunch break…I got some rather odd looks setting up on the pavement! How lovely is that picnic basket by the way? I picked it up during the Meadows Festival for a paltry £35! What a bargain!


Grace was delighted with her feast despite the unconventional picnic setting…

I must admit due to a lack of time that morning, it was ‘catered’ by M&S and the wee Bruntsfield baker ‘A La Carte. I had to cram the mini sausage rolls into the cups that came with the picnic set, and the teeny filled rolls went over rather well…



Of course no picnic is complete without scones with proper clotted cream and strawberry jam…


…and a nap in the sun!


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