House of Fraser Fabulousness: Shu Uemura

Remember a few weeks ago I posted about my great experience shopping in Glasgow’s House of Fraser store – and in particular the impeccable customer service at the Shu Uemura counter? Well I promised a separate post about it, so here it is!

This was my haul from that shopping trip…

These were the items I actually purchased…(and a lip gloss)

Let me just start by saying I’ve always had fabulous customer service from Shu Uemura, so I’m not sure if they maybe train their girls up to be super-nice! First of all, I was on the hunt for a mint eyeshadow and eyeliner; I’m in love with my Nars ‘Barrow Street’, described as a ‘seafoam’ shade, but sometimes a girl just needs a liquid or gel liner to get a proper cat’s eye flick! I knew Shu Uemura was likely to have a green shadow, but imagine my delight (and subsequent disappointment) when I discovered they carried a green potted liner…which was limited edition, and which they were out of stock of! The tester pot was still there, but unfortunately no Shu Uemura concession in Scotland had any left. I mean, check out the awesomeness of that colour! How could I walk away?!

The salesgirl told me they couldn’t sell me the tester pot, for hygiene reasons…then she noticed it had barely been touched so said she could give me the semi-used pot (seeing as I looked so crestfallen at the news) if she scraped out the sampled area. Which, like I said , was hardly anything. So I got an almost full pot of eyeliner for free, which they couldn’t sell on anyways. But how many folk would think to do that for you?

I also fell in love with a set of gorgeous (and semi impractical) false lashes that were also limited edition and out of stock! Oh, the horror. When I went to pay for my purchases, which included one set of eyelashes, a red lip gloss and a trio of green shadows, she gave me the tester set of funky lashes as well! Which again she told me she couldn’t sell on, as they were marked ‘not for resale’, so she gave them to me for free!

I want to clarify that my high opinion of the service I receive was not just because I came home laden with freebies…though I do love a good freebie and a bargain, what I was impressed with was the salesgirl’s willingness to act above and beyond the ‘call of duty’, I suppose. She knew these tester items would be binned at the end of the day, so there was no harm in giving them to someone who was obviously wanting them, and who was making a purchase anyways.

So I’d like to thank that lovely girl for putting a smile on my face, and for such a great experience at both House of Fraser and Shu Uemura.

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