Charity shop find: retro cocktail trolley

I have an obsession with perfection.

I would love to be the kind of gal who makes her own washing powder, bakes homemade cookies at the weekends and whips up batches of fresh strawberry ice cream on hot summer days. Perfectly brewed coffee every morning, squeezed orange juice on the table with breakfast and cut flowers nonchalantly arranged in casual vases around the house…looking so effortless.

It’s laughable to anyone who’s ever seen my flat, but I always have the best of intentions…and I’m loath to show the world anything ‘unfinished’. Vain? Probably! But sometimes perfection doesn’t make for interesting blog posts, and I’ve come to realise maybe folk wouldn’t mind seeing the thought processes behind some of my random projects! And it would keep me on track as well hopefully, finishing one thing before eying up the next!

Sooo…today, during a ‘quick browse’ in the charity shops near mine, I found this wee gem. It doesn’t look like much now, a bit retro and…I’d like to think it’s got elements of the 70s but in reality it’s probably more likely a product of the 80s! The shelves are ridiculously thin glass, grubby, and I dread to think how it would stand up in my house with the boisterous pets and party-loving friends.

But I can see potential.

Clean this wee guy up, definitely replace the glass (Note to self: make friends with a glazier) for the toughened variety…I had thought a beveled mirrored glass might be nice initially, but upon closer inspection the curved edges would be far to expensive to go down that route! If I keep the chrome finish I may go for a smoked glass, but that will depend on how it ‘scrubs up’. But I think this will make a fabulous wee cocktail trolley. I’ve been scouring antique shops for the perfect mid century hostess trolley for that fabulous glass skull ice bucket I bought in Toronto, my funky cocktail shaker and other such Bon vivant accoutrements!

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