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So I’ve been MIA…

I’m the kind of girl who is more comfortable around guys; maybe it comes from being the only girl in a slew of boy cousins my age (my two cohorts closest in age were my guy cousins, ages 2 and 4 years older than me), or from playing primarily male-dominated sports during high school. I love shopping, shoes and manicures, but I also adore ice hockey, bikes and fast cars. I am not a girly girl.

I’ve neglected this blog this past month because in all honesty, I was having too much fun. I met some amazing new people, found a fabulous hang-out, acquired a new fully grown ‘baby brother’ and crushed on one of the nicest of wildly inappropriate dudes. I made Christmas plans that totally flew in the face of everything I’d thought was written in stone, and am now spending my first ‘orphans Christmas’ with my lovely friends who won’t be making it home to their families. I got to hang out with one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, who was so different from the usual Scottish lassies I meet every day it’s changed my perception on how I see this country I’ve made my home. I learned how important manners are. I discovered how importance privacy is, and in the process found a wee micro-group that I feel I can trust with anything.

On the flip side, it was the month I also feel I neglected some of my old friends. Sometimes people grow apart but sometimes it happens because someone doesn’t make the effort they should. And try as I might I’ve not been able to muster the energy to ‘take part’ like I used to. The kinds of parties I loved and that I could be found at every weekend started to lose their appeal, and I’ve been spending so much more time having conversations over my kitchen counter with people I genuinely feel comfortable with.

So I inadvertently took a social media hiatus but I’ve been missing my little corner of the Internet. And there are some exciting changes afoot at home, so watch this space!


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Review: Tuk Tuk Street Food (1 Leven Street)

I needed a manicure with some desperation. My regular place is reminiscent of the Asian-run mani pedi parlours common in every major Canadian city, reasonably priced and very thorough, with very little English spoken and no frills. This is not a pampering destination, but super effective if you’re short on time and need a very good manicure. I usually just walk in, but as it’s a Saturday I made a 3pm appointment and stopped off at Tuk Tuk for a bite to eat. I can’t be sure how long this street food diner has been open, but I’ve wanted to try it. Indian street food isn’t something I’m terribly familiar with, but I’m always keen to try new cuisines and flavours.

My first impression of the place was a funky and modern vibe, unlike the traditional curry houses you find everywhere in Edinburgh. Industrial lighting and vibrant jewel colours definitely make an impression and set this place apart.



There were two dishes that I immediately wanted to try. Lamb chops marinaded in fresh herbs and spices with garlic mash, simply because I adore the way lamb prepared in Indian cuisine seems to be so much more tender than any other way. And being the carb-lover that I am, I was tempted by the Hakka chilli noodles, the vegetarian option, which were described as having a sino-Indian influence.

Tuk Tuk suggest you order 3-4 dishes per person to make up a filling meal, but as I’d had a large lunch at the farmers market I decided just to sample a couple.


Lovely crunch of red and green cabbage to the egg noodles, though the description as ‘fiery’ may have been overestimating a bit! The single Birdseye chilli garnish may have added to the bite somewhat though. The only nod to Indian flavour were some slightly limp slices of paneer lingering at the bottom of the dish. A little overly oily, and without the punch of flavour I expected.

The lamb chops however were beautiful. Absolutely delicious. Dainty and flavourful chops on the bone, grilled in a tandoori marinade and sitting atop a sweet, aromatic roasted garlic mash. Powerful flavours unlike what passes for a ‘garlic mash’ in the UK. The accompanying sauce was similar to a delicately spiced tikka. I’d come back again just for the lamb chops, and I am definitely intrigued to try some other dishes!



Tuk Tuk Street Food
1 Leven Street, Tollcross

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Dhog and Beaver’s Day of fun

Today was my best friend Eliese (aka Beaver) and my one year anniversary – this time last year a friend introduced us and we discovered a mutual love of goofiness, ‘a little bit country’ music and men with good teeth!

It’s been a year of ups and downs, so we decided to celebrate by taking a trip to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair at the HMV Picture House followed by a face-stuffing session at Red Squirrel on Lothian Road.

Eliese made a new furry friend at the vintage fair, and dare I say there may have been a spark of romance?




We found some insane retro fashions that we just had to snap pics of…




I bought a funky new beret…


…and of course no shopping trip would be complete without a comedy present for one of our friends; this time it was a super sexy baby tee for my new male flatmate. He’s a big AC/DC fan and we were sure he’d look rather fetching in this cropped number!

Last year Eliese wore a fake tache every day for a month in aid of Movember, so of course when we saw this brown sauce bottle we realized it was just a match made in heaven…


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