Home: Second bedroom clean slate

Today was a big day in my home; all the boxes were taken away from the second bedroom (soon to be my flat mate’s room) and my builders could start on making it beautiful!


It’s always so liberating to start with a clean slate, and we could really see for the first time what needs to be done. The current floorboards are a lovely oak, but they’re being harvested for use in the sitting room and dining room. Long story short those two rooms are actually significantly larger according to the original dimensions, so these boards will come in useful to make up the remainder. We’ll be replacing them with solid walnut in the two bedrooms.

We are removing this entire unit and replacing it with a solid walnut built-in with tonnes of storage I’m designing myself. I love the sleek and streamlined look of built-ins, and in a ‘smaller’ room it should make this bedroom appear more spacious. Especially as we are thinking of replacing the double bed with a king sized!

We are also removing the downstands framing the window area to bring more light into the room. These were built as a ‘feature’ by the developer but look pretty horrible.


I’m so excited to see this room’s transformation, and I’ll be posting regular updates of tre progress. Watch this space!

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