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Tales from abroad: Have passport, will travel

Since I took an inadvertent break from blogging, I’ve been thinking about what kind of blogger I should be. I’m not talking about subject matter, as it’s quite obvious to me that I’ve got a lifestyle lean with my outpourings of design, food and fashion offerings, alongside the declarations of love for my little angel Rhod.

I can be an almost overwhelmingly positive person sometimes, and I did ponder being one of those rose-tinted-spectacle-wearing bloggers; tell the world about the fabulous and leave the rest by the wayside. Or should I report back on the good, the great, the stupendously mediocre and the downright awful? Do people need to know about the places I had high expectations for that ‘didn’t quite work’?

The answer to that is a big fat yes, but let me say it took awhile to come to that conclusion. I’d love for every restaurant, cafe and bar I visited to be spectacular but sometimes that just ain’t the case.

On that note I’ll be kicking off December with not only a return to blogging but also a travel series over the next few weeks; over this past year I’ve spent quite a lot of time away from home and taken thorough notes on all the places I visited…not to mention hundreds of photos.

I was Toronto for a month, the city I grew up in and my beloved hometown. There I hit the gym like an addict, taking in 2 or 3 hour long classes a day as well as yoga sessions at my favourite studio downtown. Then in October this lucky girl was sent to Prague by work where I had the opportunity to rediscover the city, eat some amazing properly hearty food (perfect for a crisp Czech autumn). Now I’m just back from a 3-day work trip to Copenhagen, which was heavenly for me seeing as I consider CPH one of the most inspiring design cities in the world. Exciting stuff!

So watch out for my take on the good, the bad, and the downright atrocious I’ve found on my travels…and for the next week I’ll be sharing with you my travel tales. I’ve got my bag packed, have you?


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