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#100happydays: Day 7 ‘Faces on Things’

I’ve been in salon limbo the past few months; I’d been wanting to try a new look and wanted to find a hairdresser who just gets me. Truth be told I’ve always been more adventurous with my colour than my cut, with the frazzled ends to prove it! I’ve always avoided chain salons because I have a not entirely unfounded fear of coming out looking like everyone else. The same bland highlights, the same boring layered bob.

I don’t know why, but the sight of this put me at ease as soon as I walked into Cheynes…



#100happydays: Day 6 ‘Go Canada’

My flat mate is my best friend. He is my person. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t tell him, and some of the best times we’ve spent together have been marathoning ‘Breaking Bad’ and stuffing our faces with takeaway. We have some of the most ridiculous conversations sometimes, and yesterday we sat in my bed looking up hilarious Canadian beer commercials on youtube.

So he brought me these…


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#100happydays: Day 5 ‘Tetris geekery’

I was stumped what to wear out, until my friend sent me these perfect leggings in a taxi! Never have I fallen so utterly in love with an item of clothing!


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#100happydays: Day 4 ‘Freshly laundered and fur’

Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than my little guy; Sir Rhod the Boxer Dog. I’d just taken my sheets out of the dryer and no sooner had I made the bed, he decided to do some quality control. You can’t beat freshly laundered linens and a sleepy dog on a lazy Saturday morning!



#100happydays: Day 1 ‘Sidewalk Sunning’

Today was quite possibly the sunniest day we’ve had all year, and on my way to the pub to watch the football I saw this; two people sunbathing between two parked cars.


Review: Back to Tuk Tuk (1 Leven Street)

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Prague for a 3 night trip; I’m so excited to be headed there again, it’s been over 19 years since I last visited that beautiful city… Not to mention it’s home to one of my absolute favourite buildings, Frank Gehry’s ‘dancing house’. I’ve made a reservation at the restaurant for dinner my first night there.

Today has been a day for running errands; my ‘to do’ list is a mile long but a girl’s gotta eat, so in between packing related mishaps and the gym, I decided to stop for a second take at TukTuk on Leven Street as I was so impressed by their lamb chops earlier in the week I had to try their curry.

I am a huge lover of biryanis, so when my waitress pointed out several new additions to the menu fresh off the press this morning, I was immediately tempted by the Raste ke biryani, described as chicken biryani ‘on-the-bone’. This dish was surpringly sweetly spiced, the chicken was wonderfully tender and full of flavour. This is definitely a dish to try, so different from your garden variety biryanis, with beautiful jewel toned strands of red onion and garnished with boiled egg.

I also decided to go for the Railway station lamb curry, which is cooked on-the-bone with spinach. Accompanied by a dish of baby aubergine and potato. Now I’m not sure what Indian chefs do to their lamb to make the meat so gloriously tender and succulent but I want their secret! Chock full of lovely spinach and melt-in-the-mouth morsels of meat.

Unfortunately the baby aubergines were rather bland, with a taste of cumin almost as an afterthought. In fact I got one mouthful that was almost overpoweringly spiced while the rest of the dish was quite dull.


From my two visits it seems Tuk Tuk do meat very well; meltingly tender and full of flavour. The vegetarian dishes have been less impressive.

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Dhog and Beaver’s Day of fun

Today was my best friend Eliese (aka Beaver) and my one year anniversary – this time last year a friend introduced us and we discovered a mutual love of goofiness, ‘a little bit country’ music and men with good teeth!

It’s been a year of ups and downs, so we decided to celebrate by taking a trip to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair at the HMV Picture House followed by a face-stuffing session at Red Squirrel on Lothian Road.

Eliese made a new furry friend at the vintage fair, and dare I say there may have been a spark of romance?




We found some insane retro fashions that we just had to snap pics of…




I bought a funky new beret…


…and of course no shopping trip would be complete without a comedy present for one of our friends; this time it was a super sexy baby tee for my new male flatmate. He’s a big AC/DC fan and we were sure he’d look rather fetching in this cropped number!

Last year Eliese wore a fake tache every day for a month in aid of Movember, so of course when we saw this brown sauce bottle we realized it was just a match made in heaven…


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Happy Canada Day!!

I may be a little late on this (Blame a gruelling Barreworks workout followed by a dash from Spadina to Dovercourt by accident this afternoon to a yoga class…not to mention my very first spin class yesterday!) but
Happy Canada Day folks!!




My I do love the red and white!!!

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She loves me, she loves me not…Travel Edition

I’m no stranger to a bit of cross-continental hopping, being a Canadian who’s found herself settled in sunny Scotland. It may surprise you that I’ve not been back to the motherland for over 3 years though, and this working holiday is my first trip back!  I’m very excited to be ‘home’, catching up with the oldest of friends, and visiting my favourite Toronto spots – as well as exploring new ones!  It’s had me thinking about the things I love (and those I’m not as fond of) about the act of travel.

She loves me…

1. The Dutch sense of humour.  

Heard over the tannoys at Schiphol Airport:

‘Could passenger Klein flying to Toronto, PLEASE head to gate K9.  The pilot is very bored’

2. Airport shopping!  

This will come as no surprise, as everyone knows I’m an utter shopaholic…but it’s so interesting to see what kinds of treats are on offer in foreign ports.  I especially love browsing the magazine racks and the electronics section to see what is on offer elsewhere in the world.  Foreign language interiors mags?  Oh yes!!

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3. Sleeping!

On a long-haul flight, I know I’ll be crashed out by the time we take off; a fantastic bonus when more often than not, I’ve been up all night packing.  I usually wake up when they announce descent, slap on some moisturizer and feel as close to fresh-as-a-daisy as one can muster after 8 hours transatlantic flying.


She loves me not…

1. Airport security.

I realise it’s a necessary evil, and I do feel safer knowing someone is out there checking none of my fellow passengers is a knife-wielding maniac.  However, after having whipped out my iPad both at security checkpoints in Edinburgh and Amsterdam, struggling to juggle passports and boarding cards whilst trying to put shoes/belt/zip bag up…not to mention the thorough pat-down because my bracelet set off the scanner…

2. Plane food.

Such a cliché, but airline food is still (most of the time) as revolting as ever.  I had something which was described as ‘pan-fried chicken with country style potatoes’, which reared its ugly head as a rubbery breast atop what had the taste and texture of Israeli couscous.  I have no objections to couscous, but I can’t remember the last time I thought it was interchangeable with spuds!  The only time I’ve had ‘pleasant’ plane food was surprisingly on route from Hong Kong to Sapporo; and it’s rather difficult to mess up zaru soba when it comes in two individually adorable sealed cups!

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I do love to travel though, and despite the stresses of being in the airport, it’s always worth it in the end.  Anyone else have any travel loves or pet peeves?

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New tattoo: architectural geekery

I am very excited to share my latest tattoo – a depiction of the Dancing House (of Fred and Ginger) building in Prague. It is possibly one of the most stunning examples of deconstructivist architecture, designed as a collaboration between Czech architect Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry in 1992 and completed in 1996. The structure consists of 99 concrete panels, each of a different size and dimension – nae parallel beams in this baby!

Done by the ridiculously talented Barry Goddard of Jazz Tattoo.

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