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#100happydays: Day 7 ‘Faces on Things’

I’ve been in salon limbo the past few months; I’d been wanting to try a new look and wanted to find a hairdresser who just gets me. Truth be told I’ve always been more adventurous with my colour than my cut, with the frazzled ends to prove it! I’ve always avoided chain salons because I have a not entirely unfounded fear of coming out looking like everyone else. The same bland highlights, the same boring layered bob.

I don’t know why, but the sight of this put me at ease as soon as I walked into Cheynes…



#100happydays: Day 6 ‘Go Canada’

My flat mate is my best friend. He is my person. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t tell him, and some of the best times we’ve spent together have been marathoning ‘Breaking Bad’ and stuffing our faces with takeaway. We have some of the most ridiculous conversations sometimes, and yesterday we sat in my bed looking up hilarious Canadian beer commercials on youtube.

So he brought me these…


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#100happydays: Day 5 ‘Tetris geekery’

I was stumped what to wear out, until my friend sent me these perfect leggings in a taxi! Never have I fallen so utterly in love with an item of clothing!


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#100happydays: Day 4 ‘Freshly laundered and fur’

Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than my little guy; Sir Rhod the Boxer Dog. I’d just taken my sheets out of the dryer and no sooner had I made the bed, he decided to do some quality control. You can’t beat freshly laundered linens and a sleepy dog on a lazy Saturday morning!



#100happydays: Day 3 ‘Stuffings’

Here’s one from yesterday which I somehow managed to post to my Facebook but forgot to repost here. These mildly macabre window displays caught my eye on George Street yesterday afternoon; so much so I had to take a quick snap of them!




#100happydays: Day 2 ‘Cherry Blossoms’

We’ve been having a mixed bag of seasons this week, so yesterday’s glorious summer sun was followed by some driech Scottish rain. But the grass was still lush and green, the cherry blossoms were out, and I was just on my way home from the gym after a rather satisfying workout.



#100happydays: Day 1 ‘Sidewalk Sunning’

Today was quite possibly the sunniest day we’ve had all year, and on my way to the pub to watch the football I saw this; two people sunbathing between two parked cars.