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Happy October 1st!

Which reminds me, I need to pay a wee visit to October First Lighting for a few quotes… Oops, there goes my internal monologue, getting out again!

To me, October = autumn. I know, I know…what about September you ask? I always feel September is still clinging on to summer, and trust me here in Edinburgh we try to grasp any summer we can! It’s not exactly been glorious sunshine here since June!

So though the leaves have yet to change colour and the air is not quite crisp, today signifies (for me at least) the beginning of the new season. And of course there are all the things I’m looking forward to with the coming of autumn…

Fun with pooch.

Of course fun is had with pooch all year round, but the change from summer is always a relief where I stay…my wee guy is ball-obsessed, which makes walking him in the park near my house sometimes problematic with all the footballs flying about – he doesn’t know where to run first! I always feel awful when he steals someone’s football or even worse, accidentally bursts it! So when the air becomes a tiny bit cooler and people head back to work (or school), I can let him run to his wee heart’s content!

Oh and of course, all his wee pals are back from their holidays, so the park is full of dogs again!

Warming, lovely stews and soups..

I love my Le Creusets. I adore how I can chuck some lovely ingredients into a cast iron pot and let everything bubble away for hours. Take one piece of meat, add onions, vegetables, potatoes and if you’re feeling frisky some chillies (maybe rice, barley…whatever you fancy!). I’m a slow cooking kinda girl!


Autumn fashion..

Shh…but I love boots, funky tights, sweaters, hats and jackets! I always feel a little ‘unfinished’ without a jacket, but then don’t feel quite right covering up when it’s super warm. Maybe folk don’t feel like this in warm places, but here in Scotland we can’t take warm weather for granted! So I’m definitely looking forward to some super pretty pieces in grey, camel, jewel toned plush reds, navy and aubergine!






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Shopping on a rainy day in Edinburgh: Jigsaw (George Street)

The winds are picking up, here in Edinburgh; I had to rescue some of the more delicate herbs from the balcony this morning, and my poor potted lavender nearly drowned.  I’ve been doing mostly back-to-school shopping of notepads and fresh pens.  I am fully prepared for the crappy weather armed with new cosy jumpers, cashmere layers, stupendously long scarves and soft woollen mittens.

I stopped in at Jigsaw this afternoon and fell in love with the new collection.  Loads of super-soft knits in shades of aubergine, plum and forest green. Bow-tie blouses a la ingenue, and my ubiquitous Breton striped top.  Curvaceous draped jersey dresses and prim French Roman Catholic schoolgirl-esque frocks (minus the obscene skirts, almost nun-like in simplicity).  Pencil skirts, secretary skirts, sexy schoolmarm skirts.  And beautifully tailored trousers, in a easy slouchy fit or my new favourite – neat and cropped, with button detailing at the dainty ankle.  All finished off with the most adorable pair of velvet trainers and a chunky wool scarf woven through with satin ribbon.


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