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#100happydays: Day 6 ‘Go Canada’

My flat mate is my best friend. He is my person. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t tell him, and some of the best times we’ve spent together have been marathoning ‘Breaking Bad’ and stuffing our faces with takeaway. We have some of the most ridiculous conversations sometimes, and yesterday we sat in my bed looking up hilarious Canadian beer commercials on youtube.

So he brought me these…


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Happy Canada Day!!

I may be a little late on this (Blame a gruelling Barreworks workout followed by a dash from Spadina to Dovercourt by accident this afternoon to a yoga class…not to mention my very first spin class yesterday!) but
Happy Canada Day folks!!




My I do love the red and white!!!

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Memories from my Canadian childhood: Kraft mac and cheese

Back home mac and cheese comes in one variety – Kraft or nothing. Barenaked Ladies even referenced it in a song.

Everyone I know grew up on the stuff, the stuff of lumberjacks! I’ve not had it in years but something made me pick up a packet yesterday (red??? Kraft in a red packet?? Blasphemy!!). I talk about design icons all the time but this, my friends, is a food icon. Luminously orange, with the tang of cheesy goodness! Junk food at its best…

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