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Healthy lunch for one: Honey, thyme and lemon glazed sea bream with cherry tomatoes

Ah, 2012. It’s nearly February and all my healthy resolutions have gone right out the window…I’ve been so busy thinking about my poor missing cat (found now and safely home thanks to a lovely lady who coaxed her into her car and brought her back to me last night) I’ve not done any exercise or really thought about healthy eating.

Well in aid of Chinese New Year here’s a recipe I threw together, super easy and incredibly healthy. Here’s to another new year!

1 sea bream fillet
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Sugar snap peas, sliced
Thyme leaves
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
1.5 tbsp runny honey

Lay sea bream in a dish and scatter cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Sprinkle everything with done fresh thyme leaves and season.

In a bowl combine the lemon zest, juice and honey. Drizzle over the fish and vegetables. Roast in a medium oven 20-25 mins.


And here, just for kicks I arranged the bream to look like a smilie face…


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Well tie a rope around my waist, I’m going in!

I’d be the first to admit my house is a mess. Not a-couple-of-magazines-and-some-dirty-plates sort of mess, but a full blown tornado of a mess. A ‘who the hell ransacked this place’ sort of mess. I think most of the blame falls on my having too much stuff, and if course my relentless addiction to buying even more stuff. There are piles of junk on top of my piles of junk. Oh help!

Well a Sunday afternoon is as good as any to get started on the great de-cluttering mission of 2012. Those bins are going to be full and the charity shops will be well stocked when I’m finished!




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