Part 1: When I was wee

I am a 32 year old mature student doing a land-based course in Scotland. I live with my  dog and two cats  in a crumbling Victorian flat with loads of history. I’d like to think I’m outdoorsy; I am a ski bunny and I’ve been cycling everywhere recently – and I’ve also discovered that I really enjoy running with my dog!

My weight has been up and down since I was a kid, though until the past year or so I’ve always been healthy. I was a chubby child until the age of 11 – I was never “fat”, but there was definitely a certain jolliness around the cheeks and double chin. I lost quite a lot of weight just by eating a little less and shedding a bit of puppy fat. I was never particularly skinny, but I did a lot of sport in school (football, hockey, baseball, track and jujitsu for the most part) as well as skiing every weekend during the long Canadian winters.

I was also never “skinny” except for a brief eating disorder when I was 14 or 15, which may have originated from a brief bout of food poisoning at boarding school and an aversion to pork in a German-speaking country, where everything from bratwurst to schnitzel was just another incarnation of the pig.


One thought on “Part 1: When I was wee

  1. Gicel says:

    I feel ya! I was always a chubby kid too! I think these past five years are the thinnest I’ve ever been. It’s come with an entire lifestyle change from the food I eat to working out. I know it sounds cliché but that’s really the only way to achieve your health goals. Glad to be following your journey. Thanks for following mine!

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