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‘Cerulean blue’ shellac love heart manicure

I had these glorious shellac love hearts done a couple weeks ago by Zara at CutieCool nails, and they are my favourites yet! Zara specialises in vintage styled nails; she’s my go-to for manicures and some of her work can only be described as art.

I wanted something a little different this time so chose a bright, summery turquoise ‘cerulean sea’ over a glitter base. Stunning!



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Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

I just watched Amelie for the first time in years; it’s a Friday evening and there’s nowhere I want to be more than snuggled up with my dog watching the colourful world of possibly one of the most feel-good films ever made.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s vision of technicolor Paris is peppered with tinges of nostalgia; his characters are timeless, though of course the catalyst for Amelie’s adventures is the death of princess Diana…which leads her to a hidden treasure she feels compelled to return to its rightful owner…



This film always reminds to be playful, to be kind, and to see the mischievousness in the mundane. And it’s hard not to be at least a little in love with Audrey Tatou…

Amelie’s style is so gloriously French; nonchalant mismatched Montmartre glamour rather than the polished Parisian luxe we associate with French style now. Bohemian rather than boho, rich colours in well worn fabrics; it’s a look the French pull off impeccably but so often falls short in attempts to replicate the same effortless, guileless, almost incidental design.

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Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, spring edition (Edinburgh Corn Exchange)

I’ve been in stealth mode since new year; with work, new flat mates moving in, the possibility of a new house this year, exciting trips to places I’ve never been and oh-so-much renovation work in my dust palace. Aka as home. Just call me the ninja blogger.

Today I decided to take a wee break from everything and visit Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. Their updates kept popping up in my Facebook feed so I could resist. This particular event was held in the Corn Exchange, which can only mean one thing – vintage furniture and housewares aplenty! I have to say, sometimes I just prefer these to the smaller dos in town, because as much as I love retro fashion I am a mid-century design kind of gal!





There were some serious gems today of the furniture variety; some which (if I’m totally honest) I almost didn’t want to share because I want them for myself! Like this late 60s Torbjorn Afdal rosewood coffee table from Dregs of Society, which I fell in love with as soon as I stepped in the door.

Dregs of Society have got some fabulous pieces, including a couple I couldn’t resist taking home for myself. The 3-piece Gimson & Slater Vesper leather suite was glorious but I just don’t have room for more seating in the flat so I had to (reluctantly) walk away.


I did take home both the oiled teak G-plan coffee table and a G-plan inspired ‘square’ table, which will sit just fabulously alongside my existing mid-century pieces – I’m going for a 70s bachelor pad aesthetic with mid-century references in my own home.
And I couldn’t resist this little cocktail side table, which I plan to spray paint copper for a metallic accent in my soon-to-be-painted charcoal grey bedroom.


I was looking for some pretty 20s jewellery, which I found at Tramp Gems. Perhaps to subtle for my Gatsby party outfit, but I thought this delicate necklace was beautiful, and the chunky costume bracelet inlaid with green stones.

Look at this beautiful cloisonné peacock belt buckle!

Mabel on the Table was another treasure trove of fun vintage homewares, and I walked away with a very unique square leather suitcase which I plan to use as a hat box and these old school promotional tins. I also scored a full 9 piece Royal Worcester gold tea set, which I will be displaying as part of my Tom Dixon inspired palette on a black backdrop.



As I was leaving with my bounty, I got to chatting with the girls at Mademoiselle Macaron and the lovely Caroline from La Robe a Caro. I’d already devoured a couple of macarons earlier on in the day, which by sheer coincidence matched my new manicure perfectly.
Caroline makes bespoke vintage style dresses in funky fabrics, and I will definitely be phoning her to make me something in this ‘tache print soon.


A successful shopping day for me, but I’ll need to do a clear out to make room for all my lovely new goodies!