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For the love of bikes

I have no idea where my friend found this, but the resemblance to me is uncanny!

Do I have a stalker with artistic talent?!

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New Missoni Home collection

Missoni has come up with a new home collection full of funky clashing prints. I’m loving the gorgeous linear graphic bed linen!

Missoni House at Amara

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Wow: Beth Ditto

I’d be the first to admit I really don’t keep up to date with celebrity, in fact I can barely identify half the faces on tabloid covers. Unless I’ve seen a band play a live gig, there’s a serious chance I wouldn’t be able to pick the front man (or woman) out of a lineup. Of course there are exceptions – Beth Ditto from the Gossip for one.

The hyper-curvaceous songstress was looking absolutely amazing at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, from these photos I came across on the Huffington Post blog. I’m not one to blog about those who’ve been blessed with the fame stick, but this really had to be shared. She really does look fabulous!

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Bitch fight video game

My friend and I were discussing a crazy business idea over coffee this afternoon, inspired by some of the cattiness we’ve witnessed on a night out between girls competing for the attention of the opposite sex. Which is sadly something I’ve seen far more often than I’d like in some clubs, though we’re very lucky we don’t have friends like this!

A video game complete with stiletto throwing, hair pulling and blouse ripping…called ‘Taking out the Enemy’. Totally in jest of course. And aimed at a very niche market.

We drink too much coffee…

Disclaimer: We don’t mean to offend anyone, this was purely a silly conversation between me and my friend. I am in no way implying this is how the vast majority of women (mis)behave when out on the town!

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Wesco bin

I saw this Wesco bin in John Lewis and just had to share, how funny is this?! Maybe it just appeals to my slightly juvenile sense of humour but the pink colour really adds a certain je ne sais quoi don’t you think?



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Details and inspiration: Neon

I’m a child of the 80s, I remember fluoro colours the first time round, grew up watching Married with Children and Saved by the Bell, and I had a non-ironic legging collection. Maybe this is why my love of neon has resurfaced, in the form of a serious design crush on all things dayglo.


I’d been trying to think of a way to incorporate the trend in my own home but as my flat is currently a bit of a building site I’ve let the details slip in favour of exposed brick walls and raising ceilings. This morning I wanted to tie back my sheer curtains to let some of that glorious sunshine in and had to improvise…with a neon yellow narrow belt! How funky is this wee detail??

I’m loving the neon accent details in these rooms, especially when used in conjunction with strong neutrals like grey! Even the smallest details (check out the washi tape adorning simply mounted pictures and the white chairs edged with neon trim) look so fresh.












Flashes of neon have been popping up everywhere!

Upholstered iron daybed with lime green trimNeon yellow chevron cushionLuminous orange pendant

Hot pink tipped wooden spoonsColour block monokiniRabbit cushion

Concrete neon yellow colour block planterHot pink ballerinasModcloth femme dress

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Design geek love: Tetris shelves

I saw this on Apartment Therapy and it just appealed to the my inner geek. You can take your high resolution graphics and special effects, I’m all for the old school games, on the original Game Boy I played in primary school!

This was the brainchild of Jonny Hicks of Hicks Custom Furniture (found on Folksy). The shelf is comprised of individual blocks just like the original Tetris pieces, which can be assembled in any formation you can think of. How cool is that?!! I’m so tempted to get a whole wall of these. I can just imagine spending a day playing life sized Tetris!

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Sunshine and dog walks

We took advantage of the glorious weather today to take the little darling out for a play in the park…




Birthday present from the parents: Chanel Jumbo

I adore Chanel; to me the fashion house represents French style, never trying too hard, always perfectly polished. Every girl wanted a Chanel handbag in buttery soft agneau leather with the interlinking C’s and the playful chain strap. I remember the first time my parents took me to the Chanel shop on Rue Cambon…awestruck didn’t even cut it!

Well check out my new baby, my new Chanel jumbo, in black with silver chain…a birthday present from my wonderful parents! They phoned me yesterday, handed me over to the vendeuse and told me to choose a bag! Let me say it was a hard decision between the 2.55 and the Jumbo, but as I feel naked without my Smythson diary, Jumbo it was!

Can’t wait to have this wee beauty in my hands!!

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Found this photo and fell in love with these Indian pigments! How beautiful are these?!


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